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The Seventeenth Summer [026] by Tustin2121
The Seventeenth Summer [026]

TV Tropes would probably call this If It's You, It's Okay, Type 1. I was actually originally going to link to "AJ-Sexual", but that actually is the wrong trope in this instance, because Joey isn't exclusive to liking just AJ.

Also, hi! Welcome back from another 5+ hours of browsing TV Tropes "The Entralink of the internet". :)

Render Time: 49 min
Daz Studio with Visual Style Shaders. Photoshop for compilation.

A: "So what about you, hotshot? Anyone here at home strike your fancy while I was away? Now that I'm also part of the decision?"
J: "Uh.... well..... there's this.... girl...."
A: "GASP! What?! Joey is straight?!"
J: "Shutup!!"
A: "How will his family react to finding out their son is heterosexual!"
J: "I said shut up!!"
A: "Ok, ok, no, I'm being serious here now. Yo-you're really fancying a girl?!"
J: "Actually, AJ.... I... I think it's just you."
A: "What do you mean?"
J: "Maybe it's because most other guys are jerks and assholes, or... maybe it's because you were my first... my.... I-I really don't find other guys attractive."
A: "...R-Really?!"
J: "Yes! Really! I see some of these girls and... they're hot. Then I see you and..."

A: ".....And.....?"
J: "I remember your love for me, how you cared for me, how you still care for me.... and....."
A: "....."
J: "And sometimes I wonder if I'm ever going to find that.... that true.... compassion? ...again...."
A: ".....I'm more your brother than your lover?"
J: "....!"
A: "Com'on. We're done with this park. Let's go home."

The Seventeenth Summer [025] by Tustin2121
The Seventeenth Summer [025]
Now be serious, if you went three years in life-changing environments like college without contacting your friends from before, they wouldn't be at the top of your mind either, would they? I mean, that is until Facebook was born and upended that whole dynamic.

Render Time: ~25 min
Daz Studio with Visual Style Shaders. Photoshop for compilation.

A: "No! I.... I.... told... him about you and me."
J: "........r....really?"
A: "I'm sorry! Maybe I shouldn't have!"
J: "Nono! No! I'm not mad. Just.... when? First year? When you.... still remembered me?"
A: "Yeah... he's the one who reminded me of you on the plane ride back here, actually... Which, I mean, is shitty, that I didn't remember--"
J: "No, it's fine, I....... well.... I needed to be.... reminded too...."
A: "Really?"
J: "When my best bud was talking about plans for the party... like, maybe the day before you showed up to my house, actually."
A: "Maybe we shouldn't be together simply because we forgot about each other like that..."
J: "It's still my decision right?"
A: "......yeah, yeah, it is."
J: "AJ..."
A: "Yeah, I said it was your decision."
J: "AJ, that's stupid, really. We should both be making this decision. ....together."
A: "Yeah.... you're right....."
A: "Together."
The Seventeenth Summer [024] by Tustin2121
The Seventeenth Summer [024]
Gay stereotypes on TV make me sick. This is why I don't watch TV, among other much more legitimate reasons, such as the fact that it's all reality shows now, and reality shows are stupid.

Render Time: ~25 min.
Daz Studio with Visual Style Shaders. Photoshop for compilation.

J: "Com'on! Tell me! Is he cute?"
A: "gah...... ......y.... yeah, he's..... he's a bit cute."
J: "Oh com'on, be detailed with me! Gush about him like your the gay friend and I'm some girl in a sitcom."
A: "Domemit, Joey! Seriously?!"
J: "Yes!? Seriously!! Com'on, I wanna know what I'm up against!"
A: "ugh...... he's.... he's another pre-law student that I roomed with for two years now."
J: "Really? Your roommate?"
A: "...Yes, from second year onward thus far. I hated my roommate first year."
J: "So, you're buddies then."
A: "He's... probably my best friend at school."
J: "Does he know you like him?"
A: ".....I don't think so...."
J: "Does he know you're gay?"
A: "Yes, I.... uh.... I.... well..... We.... I mean...."
J: "You what? Gave him a kiss or something?"
A: "No!!"
The Seventeenth Summer [023] by Tustin2121
The Seventeenth Summer [023]
Straight talk time! No pun intended.

Render Time: ~25 min
Daz Studio Pro with Visual Style Shaders. Photoshop for compilation.

J: "Ok, straight talk now. Who is this other girl? Or guy, I guess?"
A: "Huh?"
J: "This person who you were 'almost pursuing'?"
A: "Oh... has that comment really stuck in your mind that long?"
J: "Yes."
A: "Why do you want to know?"
J: "For my decision."
A: "Why should the guy I'm crushing on affect your decision?"
J: "So it is a guy!"
A: "Joey!!"
J: "AJ! I wanna know if you'd be better off with him than with me."
A: "....You were supposed to be thinking only about yourself here!"
J: "Hey, just because you did, doesn't mean I have to."
A: "Now that's just cold."
The Seventeenth Summer [022] by Tustin2121
The Seventeenth Summer [022]
Well, I mean, there's plenty of reasons to dread the Dangerous Sixteenth Eighteenth Birthday, but I don't think that's what Joey is talking to himself about.

Also, hello! Welcome back from another 3+ hours of surfing TV Tropes. :)

The awesome Quilava calendar art is by Haychel: Quilava <3
Daz Studio with Visual Style Shader. Photoshop for compilation.

J: "...Why am I dreading my birthday.....?"
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