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The Seventeenth Summer [016] by Tustin2121
The Seventeenth Summer [016]
What real world movie do you think would be most fitting for them to be watching? (There's no right answer, I just want to know what you think.) :P

Daz Studio with Visual Style Shaders

Photoshop for compilation and light coloring effect (because said Visual Style Shaders don't do colored light, unfortunately, as I found out when making the sunset-filled vignette 005...).
Transcript: No dialog in this image.
The Seventeenth Summer [015] by Tustin2121
The Seventeenth Summer [015]
After all, we don't want to make any major life-altering decisions on a whim, now, do we? That would only cause more problems in the long run. :)

Daz Studio with Visual Style Shaders. Depth of Field effect done in render.

Photoshop for Compilation and exposure settings.

A: "I'm sorry I cut you off entirely, Joey. Had I thought of your emotional wellbeing at all, I would have stayed in contact. You would have had a shoulder to cry on."
A: "But... I... I didn't.... I wasn't there."
A: "And I understand if you want to cut me out of your life entirely now."
J: "You still love me, don't you?"
A: "........."
A: "......yes...."
A: "After all... I waited for you...."
A: "Unfortunately, it was that 'waiting' that.... caused all this mess...."
J: "AJ....."
A: "So, I understand that you hate me. And I understand if you don't want me anymore."
A: "It's okay... I'll cope.... I'm a big boy now...." 
J: "AJ...."
A: "Besides... It's not like I.... haven't.... almost..... pursued someone else already...."
J: "You.... forgot about me....?"
A: "You deleted my number...."
J: ".......right......"
A: "So..... I don't want an answer tonight. In fact, I don't want an answer at all until you are legally an adult."
J: "Oh...."
A: "That should give you plenty of time to make... an informed and... adult... decision..."
A: "And let cooler heads prevail...."
J: "Do I really have to wait two months?"
A: "Joey..."

A: "That doesn't mean we can't talk and catch up until then..."
J: "....."
The Seventeenth Summer [014] by Tustin2121
The Seventeenth Summer [014]
This vignette is walking on the edge of lots of deep political and social discussion... and discussion of stiffies.

(Beware, this is marked mature because it is "Ideologically Sensitive".... whatever the hell that means...)

DAZ Studio with Visual Style Shaders

Photoshop for compilation and exposure settings.

J: "I didn't know it was illegal..."
A: "Yeah... once I turned 18...."
J: "I mean... it was kind of obvious you would have done it right there... judging by what rubbed against me as--"
A: "I was on top of you! Of course I'd be getting.... aroused..."
J: "....I wouldn't tell anyone..."
A: "No. It's not you I'm worried about telling someone."
J: "Oh..."
A: "Gah! Laws are stupid sometimes. There's no room for common sense!"
J: "Well, you're going to be a lawyer; change it!"
A: "I'm not going to be that kind of lawyer." 
A: "Also, lawyers aren't the ones who make the rules."
J: " stupid... I mean, it's not like we... we were just... playing. Experimenting..."
A: "It's what kids'll do, yes. Kids are curious, after all."
J: "And, just then, I.... I probably would have said yes... That's consenting, right?"
A: "Someone else may not see it that way, and the law certainly doesn't..."
A: "Because you haven't passed that arbitrary line when the law considers you an adult."
J: "So... we should stay apart?"
A: "It was stupid of me to cut you off. I was entirely selfish."
J: "Not if you would have gone to jail."
A: "No, not that. I meant entirely cut you off. I shouldn't have ignored you."
J: "Oh... yeah that..."
The Seventeenth Summer [013] by Tustin2121
The Seventeenth Summer [013]
Wait, really AJ?? That's why you stopped talking to Joey?! That's why all this shit happened?! [starts scrambling for something to smack AJ with]

Sidenote: The Age of Consent in America is eighteen. I know it's sixteen in some countries, but Hollywood has mandated that in all media it's considered 18, because, you know, We All Live In America...

Oh hi, welcome back from 3+ hours of surfing TV Tropes!

Daz Studio with Visual Style Shaders.

Photoshop for compilation and photo filter.

J: "......."
A: "Joey...."
J: "*sniff*"
A: "Joey, you have to believe in yourself.... I know you can achieve this dream, just like I knew you could win those gym badges long ago. What's changed since then...?"
J: "......H-How would you know? ....It's not like.... y-you were ever here.... for me...."
A: "......."
J: "......."
A: "I know...." 
A: "I wasn't there for you.... when you needed me most."
A: "...and I'm sorry."
J: "*snrk*"
A: "I know! I know, you said, that's not going to fix it, but.... I really am..."
J: "....."

J: "Ju--- wh--- Why did you stop?"
A: ".....s-stop what?"
J: "We used to........ t-the treehouse..."
A: "Oh...."

A: ".... I.... How old are you?"
J: "....seventeen?"
A: "....."
J: "Eighteen in two months."
A: "......"
J: ".....Why? What's wrong?"
A: " guessed right, by the way: I am training to be a lawyer."
J: "....r-really?"
A: "And, uh... it was shortly after my 18th birthday that... that I learned about this thing called... the, uh.... the Age of Consent laws...."

The Seventeenth Summer [012] by Tustin2121
The Seventeenth Summer [012]
Professor McGonagall!! AJ and Joey are muggle dueling!!

Daz Studio with Visual Style Shaders.

Photoshop for compilation.

A: "Helix, you're strong!"
J: "I should beat your face in!"
A: "Shouldn't we be doing this with pokemon?!"
J: "That would imply we're on friendlier terms!"
A: "I never got into a fist fight with Team Rocket!"
J: "That's 'cause Team Rocket are a crop of fucking idiots."
A: "And so punching my face in while I'm down makes you not a fucking idiot?!"
J: "Fuck you!!"
A: "Joey, please, you're not an idiot! You're not any of those things you said before!"
J: "Like you would fucking know!!"
A: "You're just afraid of what lies ahead! That's how you've always been!"
J: "Fuck you!!"
A: "You're so afraid to fail that you never even try! That's not how you take on life!"
J: "F-Fuck you...!"
A: "Joey, you're stronger than this. You could take on pokemon medicine!" 
J: "F-F-Fuck--! Grrr!"
A: "You could be the best professor out there, and take the world by storm!! You just need to learn to take life--"

A: "--as it comes..."
J: "f... fuck....! ah....."
Now's a good of time as any to revive this account for Twitch Plays Pokemon related content! :D
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