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Lorekeeper James (The People of Hoenn) by Tustin2121
Lorekeeper James (The People of Hoenn)
This is the high-res version of my drawing of Lorekeeper James, which I drew for my series, The People of Hoenn.

During TwitchPlaysPokemon Randomized AlphaSapphire (that's a mouthful), very early on we came across a trainer who's class was randomized to Lorekeeper which is usually only Zinnia's class. This continues to be touted as one of the best moments in RAS. :)

This isn't actually source quality: Well, for one, it's all vector art, so the original can scale to any size, but I usually draw them at 6400x4800, and scale down as need be for the strip.

Base model rendered in DAZ Studio. Traced the model for the base person. All the rest is done freehand with references (A and B) in Adobe Illustrator.

Done in 2 days if you including the unfortunate downtime my computer had to go through because it was throwing a tantrum. Maybe about 8 hours if you don't.
Operation Unown: Group Shot by Tustin2121
Operation Unown: Group Shot
Found this lying around, decided to get it developed.

/u/abiyoru, /u/amber_apostle, /u/AOMRocks20, /u/BlaiddSiocled, /u/BOOXMOWO, /u/dandytrim, /u/Deadinsky66, /u/DerErlenkonig, /u/EveryIe, /u/GlaceonMyst, /u/Harald12, /u/HedgemazeExpo, /u/hlixed1, /u/JennyDoombringer, /u/KeeLynenth, /u/Kelcyus, /u/KyuremTrainer, /u/Like_a_Zubat, /u/liria12, /u/LyokoDoReMi, /u/Megasparker, /u/mesamus, /u/nexandgbx, /u/NotTimBuckley, /u/ominousfire, /u/pfaccioxx, /u/Pioxys, /u/-pkmn, /u/PleasePleasePepper, /u/sohippy, /u/Soma_Ghost, /u/wheatgrain
Sharing a Ragecandy Bar by Tustin2121
Sharing a Ragecandy Bar
Abe and Jessica share a Ragecandy Bar on the pier north of Cinnabar. 

Inspired by this update:
32d 3h 53m Abe exits the Pokemart, happy with his bag full of chocolate. Well I'm glad you got chocolate Abe, but what about the rest of us!?! How are we supposed to deal with losing hours of progress? /u/crimsonburn27 
I would have added the voices to the left screaming about how Abe needs to get back to Victory Road after that monumentally stupid decision to go into the E4 without checkpointing, but I ran out of time tonight. I might have also detailed this a bit more, but again, time.

Modeled in Daz3d, Outlined and colored with Photoshop CS6.
The Seventeenth Summer [047] by Tustin2121
The Seventeenth Summer [047]
AJ's script brought to you by the Fortunate Cookie Factory of Kanto. "Impress your friends with philosophy today!"

The beginning for Joey is the end of this story. I hope you enjoyed this reimagining of Joey and AJ's relationship years after the voices left. Thanks for reading! :D

Daz Studio with Visual Style Shaders. Photoshop for compilation.

J: "How did we not re-register our numbers all summer?"
A: "We didn't need to. We just showed up at each others' houses."
J: "Well, I have you now, again."
A: "Now we don't have to show up at each others' dorms to talk."
J: "Ha!"
L: "AJ!"
J: "Uh, incoming."

L: "AJ, I'd like to thank you."
A: "Uhhh, wh-what? What for?"
L: "Your letter to Joe made me reevaluate my priorities."
A: "You actually read it??"
J: "I handed it to her after I read it."
A: "Oh...."
L: "Yes, and I realized that chasing Joe is pointless."
J: "Hey!"
L: "I realized that my life long ambition wasn't to be a Ranger even. I want to be more!"
L: "I want to be the very best! Like no one ever was!"
L: "I'm aiming for champion! Not just of Johto, mind! Nono! I'm going to be the best everywhere!"
A: "That's.... quite the ambition, Liz...."
L: "Oh, yeah, that too! I will no longer be known as "Liz"! I mean, who fears the name "Elizabeth"?!"
L: "I will be only known by my initials! CLY!"
J: "Isn't your full name "Chloe Elizabeth Young"? Last I checked, "Elizabeth" begins with an E."
L: "So does "Extreme" and "Exchange". What's you're point??"
A: "Well, I wish you luck --erm-- CLY. As they say, shoot for the moon; even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."
L: "Thanks, AJ. That means a lot coming from you, a former champion of both Johto and Kanto."
A: "Where are you heading first?"
L: "I already have tickets to Unova for Castalia, so I'm gonna start there, fresh, with a new team."
L: "And The World Tournament will be happening out there too, in September. It'll be a great opportunity to test out that team!"
J: "Oh yeah, I heard a bunch of regional champions were going to be out there. Maybe you should see if you can enter too, AJ!"
A: "I-I-I'll think about it...."
L: "Then maybe we'll see each other again on the field of battle! Till then, AJ!"

A: "Okay... she scares me."
J: "She didn't even say goodbye to me!"
A: "Frankly, I'd be relieved. She's ruthless!"
J: "She gets what she wants."
A: "Are you ready to get what you want?"
J: "..."
J: "Yes. I'm as ready as I'll ever be."
A: "Honestly, Joey, that's as best as you can get. We can't see what lies ahead; we just have to take it as it comes."
J: "Well, it's time to do just that then." 

J: "Here I come, world!"
The Seventeenth Summer [046] by Tustin2121
The Seventeenth Summer [046]
It helps to have someone who's been around the block already as a friend. :) 

Also, damn, Joey! You grew like a weed this summer!!

Tune in for the concluding vignette tomorrow! (Assuming I get it finished tonight!)

Daz Studio with Visual Style Shaders.  Photoshop for Compilation

A: "Happy Birthday, Joey."
J: "Thanks again, AJ."

J: "I... really liked your letter, by the way. It's just what I needed right then."
A: "I figured you were having doubts of all sorts. So does that mean you've finally decided?"
J: "Yeah..."
J: "We're not getting together again. But..."
J: "I still want you to be there for me. As my one friend who knows me better than anyone else."
J: "I do want to make decisions on my own, but that doesn't mean I don't want your opinion on them."
J: "And, of course, that goes the same the other way. I want to be there to revel in all of your successes as well."
[Noogies intensifies]
A: "Aw, you big lug!"
J: "Hey! Stoppit!"

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Plus, I really only had a solid script for Chapter 1 (5 parts). I can post the script for the next three parts; Ch 1 ends on a bit of a cliffhanger that was poorly resolved in the draft for Chapter 2.

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