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Woman: "Oh, you're back again? What did you do this time?"
There are several trainers sitting on the floor off to the side, tending to their pokemon or otherwise resting. They all turn to look as AJ walks through the door, cradling a pokeball in his hands. As he steps, the ball shakes violently and makes a awful sound.
AJ: "My Pidgeot is poisoned again."
Woman: "Oh, poor thing."
The woman grabs a full heal from under her kitchen counter and comes over.
Random Trainer: "Hey, weren't you in here not even five minutes ago?!"
Second Trainer: "Yeah, why do you keep coming back here?!"
Third Trainer: "He's been here like 50 times so far! You know you're supposed to go through the mountain right? Not keep running into its base!"
The other trainers laugh as AJ blushes angrily.
Woman: "Now, now, children, he's always welcome here. If I recall correctly, you" she indicates the third trainer "have been here five times thus far, and you" she indicates the first "came back every ten minutes last week because you were 'grinding', as you called it."
The other trainers stop laughing, and turn back to tending their pokemon. The woman turns to AJ, patting him on the head.
Woman: "You can always come back here for whatever you need. Okay?"
AJ: smiles sheepishly "Thanks, I will. I only wish I could end up here when I black out instead of back in Blackthorn..."
Woman: embittered "Yeah, I'm sorry about that. The paperwork for that has been processing for weeks now... And I may get rejected again for it. I'm not a Pokemon Center, you know..."
AJ: "What's the difference?"
Woman: "Every center requires trading facilities and a Nurse Joy. Unfortunately, my name isn't 'Joy', but paperwork for the name change has been filed already, weeks ago. You think Victory Road would have better Delibird service!"
AJ blinks, confused, as she tends to his pokemon, continuing to rant to no one in particular.
The 16th installment of the Chronicles of AJ Downs. In which AJ heals once more at that woman's house on Victory Road.

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