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The door shut behind AJ. Will immediately noticed the change in the boy from last time. AJ mechanically moves forward, towards Will, very rigidly walking.
Will: to himself "Ah, yes, the Unown are taking direct control. I've never seen this in person before..."
AJ continues to walk deliberately and mechanically, one step at a time. His face flitting between contorting in pain and a blank empty stare.
Will: still to himself "He has a strong will, this one. Maybe that's why Lance is so attached to him being the one. Possession is no easy thing to endure..."
AJ stops with a shudder and turns ninety degrees to look Will directly in the face. Will looks upward, above AJ's head, where the Unown are angrily swirling, divided three amongst them.
Will: "It's about to break..."
Suddenly AJ screams out as the Unown explode above him. The Unown fly about, and AJ runs about the room, throwing things from his bag, screaming like a maniac. Will focuses his psychic powers upon him.
And suddenly, there is silence. AJ collapses, doused in a cold sweat. Will makes a gesture and several of AJ's things gathered themselves from around the room, floating over neatly to AJ.
Will: "Welcome back, my child, to the Elite Four. I will let you gather your strength before another battle."
AJ: desperate "You know what's going on, right?! Why is this happening to me?!"
Will: "I know not why they chose you. Only Lance knows that. But I can help keep you strong in the face of greater adversity than I. Let us clear your mind of this, with a battle. Shall we?"
AJ took a moment to collect himself and check his pokeballs. He hesitantly gets up and wipes sweat from his brow.
AJ: "I can't wait to get to Lance... he has a LOT of explaining to do..."
The 18th installment of the Chronicles of AJ Downs. In which AJ, under the effects of democracy, attempts to challenge Will, the psychic.

At 8d9h6m. Reddit Post.
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